The Real Money in Writing-$400 per article

money in writing

Dummy Money, $400 Per Article

Dummy Money, $400 Per Article

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There are many people who think that there isn’t any money in writing. You can turn writing ina solid home-based jobs if you know where to look.

If you are asking how to start article writing then you are reading the right article. Article jobs that pay residual income are available.

But I’m not going to share ways to write articles for mere pennies.

I spent YEARS writing for pennies for websites, and other blogs because it was my job. It was my income, which meant that I needed to make it happen.

But once I realized that I could be making $1,000 per article, I changed my tune.When it comes to generating passive income, article writing is the number place to start.

Whether you are want to blog it up, or write for others. Either way, it’s important that you make this passive income work for you by not working for dimes.

Article writing is one of the most successful passive incomes streams I’ve used over the years. And I have little regret.

There is a high demand for content on the web. Let’s face it, the internet is nothing but content so why would you think anything else?

At the end of the day, most writers fear that the industry is saturated when it fact, that is not the truth at all.

Lets Talk about the Real Money in Writing and How to Get it


I love sharing all of my secrets. It’s the main reason why I started this blog. I wanted to bring money bags to people who need it and don’t have the resources to grab every opportunity until they find it. I try to bring things that can work if actually done.

One of the things that will never go out of style is article writing. You can write for websites, get paid and make a serious income with it. It might sound difficult, but you can easily earn $400 per article without blinking.

Even if your passion isn’t writing, I bet that type of money will put a little fire up under your ass. You can grab an editor from Fivverr who will edit your work so that you get the most from your article.

The money is real. Money in writing is real and when it comes time to write for websites, get paid and cash out, you better know what you are doing.

This tutorial is going to show you how to do just that. You are going to learn how to turn those penny articles into hundred dollar articles.

You will learn about what topics are popular, and how to pitch them to people who want them. This tutorial is an amazing foundation that shows you how to start TOMORROW in making money from your writing.

I’m an advocate for making real money. Time is money and if you are going to waste your time writing great shit and accept pennies for your work, then you are nothing more than a slave to the industry.

Don’t let people use you for your amazing work. Start getting paid the real bucks. And that means not working for these article slaving companies.

These article companies charge tons of money for an article they pay you $4 for. It’s time for you to start getting what you deserve.