Did You Know You Can Make Money From BlogSpot?

make money from home
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Most people don’t know that they can make money from using Blogspot. If you have yet to start a blog and or a website, then you might want to start with a free blog platform.

Most free blog platforms don’t allow you to implement adsense into your site. But blogspot allows you to do just that, which means that you can start making money within the first few weeks of starting a blog.

Get paid to write without investing any more. There are tons of bloggers out there who make money online just blogging daily. And please understand, that they make tons of cash doing it.

Anyone who can put together decent content can make money blogging.

Make sure that you create a Blogspot account before you do anything.

To get started making money through blogging, register to Google for a google account. If you already have one then you will want to sync up your adsense account so that you can start to make money from your content.

You will be able to watch your earnings from your earnings tab in your dashboard.

Once you have your account ready to go, you will want to place ads on your website and earn money through your traffic.

You can make tons of blogs and make tons of cash from working with Blogger and Adsense, which is perfect for people getting started in the blogging world.

Customize your blogger blog by taking advantage of the widgets that are available. Play around with placement so that you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Once you have your ads on the site, you will want to begin creating content. Try to practice basic Seo methods so that your content gets ranked.

The more content you create, the more search engines will recognize you.

Be sure that you implement some sort of social share buttons on your site so that people can actually share your content.

When you start to get traffic and make some money, then you will want to move it to a self hosted blog and continue to grow it.

Starting a blog means starting somewhere. I always suggest that you start FREE before you start investing in self hosted website.

Free blogging platforms allow you to practice, study and learn how to create content, and grow websites over a long period of time.